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Those interested in getting involved in the trading of binary options would do well to focus on binary options trading strategies for beginners at first. Binary traders can be considered as investors in projects with a potential income. The strategies that are implemented during trading can be viewed as the trader ‘s weapon of choice. There are a number of strategies that are available, but the simpler binary options trading strategies for beginners are best suited for individuals trying their hand at this activity for the first time. Binary options are part of the overall financial market and as such operate under a number of set rules and regulations. Once one has learned the basic rules involved in this kind of trading, they are able to delve into more complicated strategies with the potential for bigger profit.
Diversification Strategy

In this strategy, the option’s result relies on the overall situation of the market as well as the particular asset prices that are involved. Through the application of binary options trading strategies for beginners, one is able to gain a favorable outcome with regard to their investments.

It should be noted that no strategy guarantees a win-win situation 100% of the time. Losses may be incurred every now and then and the main aim is to minimize the size of those losses as well as their frequency. One should not bank on just one option and should make an effort of spreading the risk via a number of different options. This approach is known as the diversification of funds and should be used throughout an individual ‘s trading. This reduces the potential risk that a trader is exposed to.
Five Minute Strategy

This is another viable option when it comes to binary options trading strategies for beginners and is ideal for those who do not wish to invest a large sum of money. Though like any other strategy, there is no guarantee of a 100% success rate, it is quite reliable with conservative estimations nearing the 80% mark. It can be utilized on a repetitive basis allowing the trader to build on their initial deposit should good luck work in their favor.

The strategy focuses on the foundation that a majority of brokers allow the purchase of options in large proportions up till five minutes before their expiry. With this mind, a trader is able to peruse through the various assets available on the market, and shows signs of stability and lengthy growth, or a steady decline. The maximum value should also be traced, which in most cases are usually about to change with regard to the trend to ensure success. A change in the trend will divert the direction of the assets towards the opposite side.

The Martingale principle is one of the more popular binary options trading strategies for beginners. The principle is based on increasing investment by twice the initial amount should the first trade fail. If an individual loses $150 on their first trade for instance, their following trade should be worth $300. Should this fail as well, it should be followed by an investment of $600. The investment should be doubled as long as there are successful attempts that come to fruition to avoid extreme losses in the long run.

Basing your success on luck alone when dealing with the Principle of Martingale can be quite risk. Locating a pair of currencies with clear price movement trends (whether up or down) is a better approach when dealing with these binary options trading strategies for beginners. Such stable trends have a lesser tendency of fluctuating and can be utilized to gain profit. Indicators related to binary options can serve as reliable aide for those who would like to use the Martingale principle in their activities. These signals enhance your chances of winning and adding the Martingale principle further increases it.
15 Minute Binary Options Strategy

One tracks asset movement every 15 minutes when using this particular strategy. It can be included as part of the binary options trading strategies for beginners that can bring about success. Three and above candles in a consecutive line portraying a similar color could mean the potential occurrence of a rollback. For instance, purchasing a binary option after the passage of two minutes with the hope of a rollback. If three white candles are closed and a new one opens and goes in an opposite direction of the previous ones, it will lead to a reduction in price. In such a case, it is advisable to let two minutes pass for the rollback before purchasing “Put” options whose expiry is near the close of the new candle (that is, within 13 minutes). If three candle bodies make up 15 points, purchasing an option would still be an advisable move.

The triangle is another one of the binary options trading strategies for beginners that can be utilized. The triangles indicate breakthrough prices of the assets involved. Rising triangles portray a potential price increase while falling ones depict the opposite. Success will depend on a trader ‘s ability to conduct their activity according to these changes.

Upward trends result in price movements forming an ascending triangle. To visualize this movement, a trader creates two lines at the support and resistance points. The line representing resistance should be horizontal in nature while that representing support should be formed at an angle in relation to the first. In a descending triangle, the line representing support would be the horizontal one and the resistance line drawn at an angle.